Water hygiene is a very important aspect of hydrotherapy and the pool is equipped with an Ozonator, which removes bacteria electronically, so that only a residue of Chlorine is necessary as a back up.

Two powerful antiswim jets are fitted, the flow of which can be adjusted from a gentle current to rapid white water.

Through Pauline’s passion for pekingese, came their introduction to hydrotherapy. Following a horrific accident little Rosie had to undergo surgery to remove ruptured discs from her spine. Unfortunately, despite the operation being a success, Rosie’s accident had caused neurological damage to her spinal cord, she had lost the use of both hind legs, being left with nothing but deep pain reflex. Although she is a tryer, progress was really slow. Six months down the line with only a minor amount of improvement they took Rosie to see a Chiropractor, who suggested hydrotherapy. Rosie hated it at the start, but she did begin to work both hind legs in the water so they persevered, making a 50 mile round trip to their nearest hydrotherapy pool, twice a week. There was no miracle cure for Rosie’s problem. With use other nerves have had to learn to do the job of the damaged ones, however she can now stand, walk and run, she leads a very full and active life, but the concentration on her face when she scratches her ear is a picture.

After having experienced Hydrotherapy first hand and the lack of facilities in their area, John and Pauline saw an opportunity to work with four legged friends. Undeterred by hard work, seeking advice from other pool operators, attending various courses in canine hydrotherapy and canine first aid at the Hawksmoor Training Centre, with the help of Westcoast Products, suppliers of their purpose built hydrotherapy pool, they went ahead. .

The water is tested twice daily to maintain the correct levels of Chlorine and ph. A skimmer is fitted at water level to take any surface hair to the sand filter. An internal non-slip ramp provides a gradual slope out of the pool and similarly an external ramp is fitted to make entering and exiting the pool less stressful

For the severely infirm patient, an overhead, tracked ceiling hoist is available, this provides a smooth and silent entry to the pool and can maintain a comfortable level in the water. A shower is installed in the pool room for use both before and after swimming. There is also a high powered, but variable blaster dryer.

Hydrotherapy for your dog

Hydrotherapy has been used for a long time in multiple treatments. With plenty of health and fitness benefits and only a few risks, this dog therapy is a must-try option for every owner. Although at first people were skeptical about its purpose in medical care, lately they have been more and more interested in its therapeutic advantages in numerous illnesses. As exercise is the best pet medicine, take your champion for a swimming session and you will not regret it.

Whether your canine friend loves it as fun activity or he needs it for rehabilitation, hydrotherapy is great for both orthopedic and neurological conditions. From arthritis, injuries, hip dysplasia, obesity, surgeries for ligament tears to degenerative diseases, spine and joint injuries or disorders, this option is very effective during recovery. Most of them love water particularly on the hot summer days. Help yours combine it with valuable exercises for good pain relief techniques and malady healing.

When the dog is submerged in water, he no longer fights gravity which can reduce weight on his joints. Water makes his body buoyant and creates the perfect circumstances for an easier rehabilitation after a complicated operation. Due to the buoyancy, canines do not expose themselves to falls and serious impacts as it may happen on hard floors. They will surely be thankful to their London escort from http://www.eros.com/ because they can build endurance and develop both the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Choose between different forms of hydrotherapy

Choose between different forms of hydrotherapy and improve the health of your pup. No matter you pick for him an underwater treadmill, whirlpools or a swimming pool, results will be seen after a couple of sessions. If you have an obese or old dog, these are ideal for workout trainings. Healthy puppies can use up their excess energy and boost their stamina. The warm water helps them reduce stress, but it can also be an anti-inflammatory reliever for swollen tissues.

Although this therapy aims the physical welfare of the animal, it can have a positive effect on the emotional level. Strengthen your relationship with your pet and increase his trust in you. Once he is pain free, you will both be happy. As with any types of remedies, there are always some red flags you should take in consideration. Make sure your four legged partner does not suffer from any heart disease, because otherwise he may not be able to breathe accordingly.

Take a trip to the designated center and let the professionals do it. They have the proper experience with all breeds and can easily evaluate the needs of your little companion. You can be sure he will receive the best care in a safe and comfortable environment. In case he is nervous, the specialized practitioner will help him first accommodate with his surroundings and immerse him into water with no stress. Ensure yourself you offer him the best treatment possible.

Hydrotherapy is a fantastic opportunity for your dog to have fun while he is on the road to recovery. Show him how much you cherish his presence in your life and help him gain confidence in his body after an accident. Support you lovely pet throughout practice and be there for him as he was always there for you in difficult times. Explore the benefits of hydrotherapy and make your little one happy!